About Azotech - Azotech
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About Azotech

Azotech S.r.l

AZOTECH is a small business company (3 people), founded in April 2014 in Trentino AA, in the town of origin of the two founders, with the goal to engineerdesign and produce instant GELATO machines that allow to have a high quality output maintaining the organoleptic properties of the base ingredients used and the high standard quality of handmade GELATO. The company has received funding through the European call Seed Money European call European call Seed Money FESR 1/2013 and won the New Talent Competition sponsored by MIPAAF.

The objective is to innovate in the process of making high quality GELATO as good as the hand made one, with some advantages:

  • Less “cold feeling” when tasting the GELATO
  • More taste perception
  • If genuine products are used as input, the output will be have the same organoleptic properties
  • Possible to custom the flavors and the single portion to accommodate the customer needs
  • Save time and energy (it is instantly made-only few minutes

Azotech is based in the TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE region, but the founders have international background experience and aim with time to expand the partnerships overseas. Now Azotech is in contact with international institutions to explore the opportunity to expand research and development partnerships.

In 2013 Azotech was one of the beneficiates of SEED MONEY PROJECT Seed Money FESR 1/2013.

About - Trentino

The aim is to engineering, build and put on to market innovative instant GELATO machines that produce high quality products customizable to dietary needs of consumers (custom made GELATO).


We have 2 lines of products on which we are working on: a semi-automatic machine for shops and restauration points; a completely automatic machines for public areas or shops that don’t have make GELATO as core business.

We are currently working on patents and after this step is complete, we will concentrate in designing the full ecosystem for our products (also the provisioning of liquid nitrogen).


The Members

(Co-Founder) – Scientist with PHD in Physics, has a long experience in various universities around the world, including Harvard, Innsbruck and Padua. He is in charge of coordinating R&D and shared the role of CEO.

Luca C.


(Co-founder) – has the role of CEO and is in charge of Sales and marketing. Has a background experience in the ICT market and has worked for years in a multinational company.

Tiziana L. C.


(R&D specialist) is a biomedical engineer, in charge of defining the R&D strategy of the company. Has a track of experiences in multinational companies in biomedical market.

Luca B.